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Our Story

Yaxon Vedacare, The Organization, has established itself in a concise span of time and is very well known for the production of ayurvedic medicine such as capsules, natural juice, ayurvedic herbal oils, ayurvedic syrups, ayurvedic tonics, herbal powder, and herbal tablets.

At Yaxon vedacare we offer third party manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines, juice, oils and more. We are India’s leading ayurvedic medicine manufacturers.

The company was awarded ISO 9001-2008, & GMP Compliance Certificate. The company continued to maintain its high standards in the market as an ayurvedic medicine manufacturers.

Our facility has been in business since 2016 and is committed to meeting the ISO 9001:2008, GMP standards that are consistent with FDA and international PIC/S GMP regulatory requirements. We understand you are looking for good suppliers from India and it is here. We offer you our services and products at an affordable cost. We use only right and high-quality material to manufacture ayurvedic products.

Leading third party contract ayurvedic medicine manufacturer in narela

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